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We already know Gakken for its superb Otona no Kagaku “Adult Science” series of technology and engineering model kits. Now they’ve created this remarkable Worldeye, a dome screen that offers you a realistic visual experience of the world. Discover science and geography like you never knew you could with this projection globe, featuring high quality images of world altitudes, seismic faults, forestation, bird migration, wind patterns and more. I even got the Death Star  running on it 🙂

Just copy any video file to a USB and plug it in the the World Eye. Learn what Mars looks like up-close or the Moon, or other planets and astronomical phenomena. There are also images of the constellations, plus breathtaking footage of marine life. Both an entertainment and educational tool, you can even connect the projector dome with your computer or other device to screen other videos and images.

New Videos For the Gakken Worldeye Including the Death Star and Eye of Sauron

The newly created videos for the Gakken Worldeye can be downloaded from here. These were all created by Anders Enger Jensen – who is also the talented musician behind the Retro cassette seen in a couple of recent videos. His website can be found here.

I’d ask that you kindly only download the videos if you own a Worldeye as they don’t display properly on a traditional screen.

The Gakken Worldeye features:

  • Features 16 different videos of earth, 16 of planets, 16 of stars
  • Size: 380 x 250 x 250mm (15 x 9.8 x 9.8″)
  • Weight: 1.1kg (2.4 lb)
  • Includes globe, stand, remote control, USB memory (4GB), AC adapter
  • Connection: earphone jack, USB, HDMI (no HDMI cable included)
  • Format: MPEG, MP4, JPEG
  • Image size: VGA (480 x 480)
  • Materials: ABS, acrylic, PVC, steel
  • Instructions: Japanese – but all the necessary bits are in English

Kudos to TechMoan for his “always” awesome YouTube videos.


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